Eco Management Korea

Eco Management Korea

Business: Leading integrated waste management services player in South Korea, serving the national market.
Customer: Blue-chip customers

EMK is a leading integrated waste management player in South Korea with diversified business operations across
solid waste management (incl. incineration), liquid waste management and landfill.

EMK operates six waste-to-energy (WTE) plants and five sludge drying facilities, and has the third largest incineration capacity (404 tonnes per day) in the nation. It is also the largest waste oil refiner (154 tonnes per day) in South Korea and manages and owns a landfill in Yeongnam, which has the fourth largest capacity in the nation (1.5 million m3). 

EMK's business business is backed by blue-chip customers across the nation. It has a strong presence in key regions such as the Seoul Metropolitan Area and Yeongnam, a key industrial region. 

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